Our solutions adapt to any environment


Our solutions adapt to any environment


Our solutions adapt to any environment

  • Hospitals and clinics are often understaffed and spend a lot of time on administration. Special care rooms require separate protocols and both staff and patients need to be updated on safety measures or emergencies promptly and without hassle. Our platform helps optimize staff’s time, digitize patient management and notify visitors, patients and staff of all protocol changes in real time.

    For stadiums, expos, and outdoor events managing large groups of people remains an intricate task. There are a multitude of ticket levels, the need to comply with the area’s health and safety protocols, special verification for backstage or VIP sections. Our platform helps event staff and organizers manage their time and resources by automating these tasks and other capacity and attendee management processes. Gathering this information will help you know your attendees and exhibitors better and therefore create better events.

    Long term care homes and a private residence for seniors are vulnerable establishments and require extra safety measures. Visitor protocols need to be shared and enforced in real time and patients need extra supervision. Our platform allows your staff and administration to take charge of your building’s access and have a better grasp on patient and staff movements. Prevent safety breaches and medical emergencies by gathering visitor information digitally and notifying staff in real time.

    Both public and private transport require ticket validations and may require vaccination passport checks. Whether an airport , port or land transportation traveler and staff management requires extra security and diligent record keeping. Our platform will allow you to regulate traveler movements and capacity in real time, enabling you to send targeted messages to past, current or upcoming travelers. Through our API you can connect our access management tool to existing platforms and keep clear records of all necessary information.

  • Factories, Farms and Aluminum smelters usually manage large amounts of toxic or dangerous materials, have very strict safety protocols and need to upkeep emergency procedures. At times, their visitors need to disclose health conditions and recent travel information and all records must be properly stored and easily accessible. Our solution facilitates all the needs and we offer on-site consultation to make sure you are picking an optimal access management plan for your site.

  • Lack of visitor, staff and contractor management on construction sites can result in security failures and time and material theft. Our solution allows you to send NDAs, safety protocols and any other necessary materials to visitors prior to their site visit. It also allows you to manage your staff's time by connecting their access cards to a payment system. Your administrators and managers will be able to keep better track of all staff and contractor entry and exist in real time.

Case studies


    As part of the delivery guidelines, truckers must complete a pre-check-in survey confirming that they are in good health and have not recently visited a site that could cause farm crossing issues.

    The administration was overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork required due to required surveys. Deliveries were delayed because of improper survey entry or lengthy and inefficient survey approval process.

    Developed a simple custom survey, simplifying the check-in and approval workflow for smart drivers.

    Pre-approved drivers would save time checking in and checking out with our Zoey product.

Stanstead College

    The school has many international students who regularly travel in and out of the country. On the other hand, local students are in and out of the college every day, which makes them more at risk than others. As a result, they have a greater chance of being exposed to a virus and transmitting it to the population.

    During a pandemic, the challenge is to ensure the safety of the local and international community by conducting regular temperature checks and health surveys when accessing facilities.

    We installed the Zoey solution, visitors had to go through the temperature control, validate their vaccination passport and mask, and answer the health questionnaire.

Phare Enfant Famille

    Residents 18 years of age and younger, often at the end of life. Each visitor represents a risk to the facility.

    The members of the reception are volunteers, therefore less adequate for the situation.

    Installation of the complete solution, i.e. temperature control of the visitor, validation of the wearing of the mask and the vaccination passport and finally, a health questionnaire.

    Tout cela afin d’assurer des circuits sécurisés, maintenir et d’améliorer les mesures de conformité nécessaires à la protection des enfants.

Le Marronier

    Staff shortage to ensure the management of multiple access points. The challenge was to manage visitors for 1300 residents.

    We installed the Gally-Code Readers in parallel with the existing staff.


    Large influx of visitors, limitation in the number of reception staff.

    Installation of 12 Gally-luminous bollards at critical entrances. Reduction of 50% of the personnel initially planned for the management of sanitary measures.

Bell Center

    High traffic. Labour shortage. Pandemic situation.

    We installed the Gally-Show to better manage the flow of visitors and direct them more efficiently to their assigned sections, which allowed a quick and optimal validation of entries, despite the 30% less staff.