SSCA Station Software

Simplified physical access control

SSCA Station Software

SSCA Station software for simplified physical access control


SSCA Station Software

Simplified physical access control


Physical conditional access management can help organizations improve security, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. By controlling access to physical locations, organizations can ensure compliance with security policies, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and warrant that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter restricted areas.

Our multi level platform allows your team to prevent unauthorized access to physical locations, control access to sensitive areas, monitor and track access to restricted areas, and ensure compliance with security policies. Additionally, it can help reduce the risk of theft and other security threats.

Increase Efficiency

Help your staff concentrate on what matters by automating and digitizing entry, exit and delivery processes all while collecting all the information that you need. Empower your staff to be productive.
Take control of your data

By having a central view on your buildings visitors you can make better organizational decisions and enforce company policies. Manage several locations remotely and in real-time.

Improve Security

Prevent unauthorized access and protect your organization's assets by having a more defined and secure access management system. Grant and Block access automatically by creating custom flows.

Key Core Features

    Allow staff at different levels in your organization to create, view and manage your data.

    Make informed decisions by collecting visitor information and recording time and length of visits.

    From pre-entry to satisfaction surveys, create custom flows using closed questions, multiple choice questions and short answer questions.

    Whether it’s about a change to the security protocol or a lost item, notify your visitors and staff, pre, during or post their on-site visit.

    Monitor and track access to sensitive areas by creating specialty entry flows.

Additional Features

    Comply with regional health and safety protocols by remotely verifying visitor and staff COVID passports.

    Keep your staff and visitors safe by verifying their vaccination status, create custom flows with the specific vaccines you’d like to verify to comply with the health and safety protocols in your region

    Add facial recognition to your visitor verification process by adding Sofienne hardware to your order.

    Integrate our platform with your organizational infrastructure by receiving reports directly in your Drive, connecting entry punch-in and punch-outs to your employee payments or HR system and more.

    For maximum data control, choose to host our platform directly on your home server.

Features to come in 2023

    Add an NDA signature to your entry flow to eliminate the need for physical signatures, which can be time-consuming and costly.

    Add a Sofienne 2.0 to your order and allow your security or administrative staff to have direct visibility on the visitor group the new visitor is part of. The hardware will flash a specific color for a select visitor group upon entry.

    Send visitors security protocols and training videos before their visit and request for their consent to manage your risk liability.

    Digitize your parcel delivery management by generating a custom parcel code which will be traceable through your building or facility.